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American Woman Swim & Fitness
Women's Only Gym, Health Club and Fitness
Woman's Only Health Club and Gym
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Welcome to American Woman: Created with YOUR Goals in Mind! 

We don't want to be judged, gawked at or hassled when working out. Everyone has different goals when they start, but we all want results. The benefits are what keeps our members coming back. You too can achieve your goals and experience these results:

  • Lose weight and you'll feel better about how you look and feel.
  • Increase strength to burn more calories every hour.
  • More energy to keep up with children, grand children and the 
    rest of your life.
  • Vitality for life and let everyone see you still have it.
  • Stamina to get thru the day.
  • Flexibility so you can continue to move freely as you age.
  • Feel younger instead of feeling like you are going down hill.
  • Live longer, weight loss and exercise increases life expectancy 
    and more importantly, how you enjoy the later years.
  • Tone up so you can see those muscles again.  They're there!

At American Woman Swim & Fitness, we realize there are NO quick fixes. If you have tried to feel younger, look better and enjoy life more, yet failed... American Woman is the best solution to get you back on the path to a healthy lifestyle.

Our team has extensive fitness credentials and experience to help you succeed.  We care about your success and your results.

Women's Only Health Club, Gym and Fitness Center Serving Oakland and Westwood, NJ

American Woman Swim and Fitness